Coral 1st Place

By Marianne Loughlin

Jade 2nd Place

By Pauline Wilson

There were 35 entries in our Anniversary Challenge, which was to make a 20" square quilt in either jade and white or coral and white and containing the number 35.

Happy 35th Anniversary 

Brownstone Quilters Guild

Coral 2nd Place

By Berneice Pak

Our Winners 

Welcome to the Brownstone Quilters Guild!  We hope that this website gives you a taste of the kinds of activities our group offers in the Northern NJ and Southern NY area. We welcome visitors and new members at any time of year! You can be a novice interested in starting or a seasoned quilter. 

We welcome everyone! 

Brownstone Quilters Guild, Inc.

Jade 1st Place

By Mari Garcia

In the fall of 1983, two groups of interested quilters attended day or evening meetings to share their love of quilting.  In a few short months, those groups named themselves the Brownstone Quilters Guild, and one of the members, Pat Smythe, designed a logo depicting the brownstone homes so typical of this area.  By June of 1984 the Brownstone Quilters had adopted bylaws and were on the way to incorporation.  In the ensuing years, Brownstone grew into a vibrant organization, successfully fulfilling its mission:
 “to enable the sharing of information and expertise about quilting amongst  its members and the community;  to   educate its members and the community through workshops, lectures, discussions and shows; to  further interest in  quilting in the community; to exhibit to the community quilting’s place in and  contribution to the culture and history of New Jersey.”
 September 2018 marked our 35th anniversary, honoring the founding of our beloved Guild and celebrating all of the members, past and present, who have contributed their time and talents throughout Brownstone’s history to bring talented teachers for lectures and workshops, to organize our service projects which contribute so much to the community, to mount our biennial quilt show, and to keep the guild running by serving on committees.

                          Our Anniversary Challenge Quilts                                       The traditional gifts for a 35th Anniversary are Coral and Jade.