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quilter guild block of the month

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block of the month
quilter guild block of the month

April 2018 

Each month in the guild newsletter, you will find a block pattern and instructions for making the block(s) for the following

month. When you make a block , bring it to the general meeting with two slips of paper, each with your name pinned to            the block.  The newsletter  and block of the month are available to current members only.  To become a member, view              our membership page.​  One paper stays on the block and the other goes into a bowl with the names of other contributors.      During the meeting, a name is selected from the bowl as the winner! The number of blocks turned in determines the                  number of winners per month. You are eligible to win each and every month in which you participate!  Block party                      participation is a great way to learn new skills each month.

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