Free Pattern  Designed by Natalie Patton (Quiltessa)

Block size – 6”x6”

Paper pieced or freezer paper pattern
This is my sorrow pattern, my grief and mourning about the wildfire in Gatlinburg on November 28, 2016. Our cabin was swept away by the fire, along with other
1000+ houses and structures, which were disappeared or heavily destroyed... I have been always enjoying watching the changing colors of the mountains, especially the maple leaves. This year they were incredibly beautiful, due to unusual warm and dry weather conditions. This year they became very special...


To make the leaf block you need:

  • scraps of any yellow, orange, red color of cotton fabric for leaves
  •  scraps of light green cotton fabric for background
  •  small piece of brown fabric for a stem, which can be appliqued or stitched by brown color thread on the contour, then colored inside by brown color fabric marker.

Print paper piecing patternfor the leaf and applique pattern for the stem.
Fold 6” square by diagonal and trace every line, using tracing wheel or simply folding every line; using folding line.
Cut the pattern in half: you have two symmetrical, mirrored patterns to work on.

Remember to add a 1/4 inch for seam allowance.

When you make both triangular, stitch them together, paying attention to matching points.
For applique stem:
Fuse a piece of brown fabric with fusible interfacing (web).
Cut off the pattern.
Fuse it to the leaf.
Attach it to the leaf, using blanket stitch or narrow zigzag stitch.

Trim the sides to 6”x6”.

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Please, share this pattern to your quilting friends, if you want to support me and other victims of wildfire in Smokeys. I have already made my New Year resolution: I will be making leaf quilts to donate them to my neighbors and those, who lost everything in this historic wildfire. You can also make this block and send it to me. I will take as many as you want to donate. Contact me and I will give you the address.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!

Happy sewing!

And be safe!

Natali Patton (Quiltessa)

Burning Leaves of Gatlinburg