Brownstone Challenge 2016

Home Sweet Home

This year's challenge was announced at the December meeting.  These are the rules:
   1.Create a house/dwelling which you envision could be that of a well-known personality (living or dead, fictional or real, cartoon character, nursery rhyme or animal). It can be whimsical or serious.

 2.Techniques used can be piecing, applique, fusing, or whatever you wish.
3. You must use a noticeable amount of the challenge fabric.
 4.The finished piece must be 20" square.
5. Your top or finished piece must be ready for the big reveal at the September, 2016 meeting.

The orange fabric was the challenge fabric. 
Many members have signed up already and taken a piece of the challenge fabric. The fabric will be available again at the upcoming meetings. Join the fun! See what all your fellow guild members create from this kernel of an idea.