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The Pattern for this dragon is found for free on fandominstitches. It was  by Michelle Thompson, one of the designers . The pattern is called, "Thorn". Her site is found at: http://www.misha29.com

Fandom Quilts

Interested in Paper Piecing for the geeks and kids at heart? Have a favorite fandom you like?

( That means if you like something, you can join with others who like it too, other fans, here the term "fandom".) You too can make a Harry Potter quilt , Animae and Manga, Marvel, Lord of the Rings Quilt, Comic book heroes, Disney Princess Quilt and much more!

Check out a site by Jennifer Ofenstein called :


See their work at the group's Flikr pagehttps://www.flickr.com/groups/fandominstitches/

You can also join the appropriate Facebook group ( you have to start a Facebook page you do not have one)  to exchange/swap/share fabrics with like minded fans around the USA and abroad! Meet people and become quilting pen pals!


Right now Vanda Chittended from South Africa, is doing a BOM of the Fantastic Beast movie about to be released! The movie came out 11/19/2016.


Found a great tutorial on Foundation Paper Piecing on You Tube for you. 


Note from their site:
REMINDER: All patterns on this site are derivative art, free for your personal & non-profit use ONLY. 
Patterns not to be used for distribution, resale or manufacture. For more info, please visit our FAQ page. All patterns posted with designer permission. No copyright infringement intended.

 Burning Leaves of Gatlinburg Free Pattern

Provided by: Natalie Patton

Bring completed blocks  to the April meeting

Block size – 6”x6”
Paper pieced or freezer paper pattern

This is my sorrow pattern, my grief and mourning about the wildfire in Gatlinburg on November 28, 2016. Our cabin was swept away by the fire, along with other 1000+ houses and structures, which were disappeared or heavily destroyed...
I have been always enjoying watching the changing colors of the mountains, especially the maple leaves. This year they were incredibly beautiful, due to unusual warm and dry weather conditions.
This year they became very special...