September 13

  • Welcome Back meeting-A celebration of the guild’s 35th anniversary. Remember your anniversary challenge quilts!  
  • Book and magazine sale
  • Meet new members
  • Lots of Show and Tell
  • Refreshments

October 11

  • We will have a unique presentation at our general meeting. Mickey Krueger, from Baum Textile Mills in Jersey City which produces Anthology Fabrics, will present a slide/talk titled  Anthology: A Pictorial Journey from Indonesia About Batiks Production. We have all undoubtedly wondered how these beloved fabrics actually get conceived and made, so this should be an interesting evening!  There will also be some fabric pieces available for purchase.  
  • Mickey Krueger from Baum Textile Mills in Jersey City
  • For more information

October 13

  • ​LOLLIPOP GARDEN—Barb Vedder:    A fun workshop that teaches quilters how to make perfect  circles. This is a sewing machine class where students will learn the technique of finished edge machine applique. 

November 8

  • The guild will welcome Donna Lynn Thomas from Kansas City, author of a number of quilting books including Teeny-Tiny Quilts and the Anniversary Sampler Quilt, who will present her talk Remember When. Commemorating life events with quilts is something we all do, and Donna will recount the stories and memories that have inspired the quilts in her trunk show.

November 9

  • CHARMED I’M SURE—Donna LynnThomas                        

December 13

  • Our annual holiday buffet

January 10

  • Yearly Service meeting when we prepare quilts to be donated to local community organizations​. The annual magazine and book sale will also take place at our regular guild meeting on January 10. We have an interesting mix of novels, how to’s, patterns, specific holiday issues, and lots of magazines. 

February 16

  • Workshop "The Artful Eye" given by Teresa Fusco. This class helps you focus on your idea, letting go and just doing it. You and your sewing machine graduate to the next level. Using fabric and thread to express your idea and exploring
    the design process of art quilts. Each person will be designing a piece suitable for framing. Don't let the design process stop you from taking this class. I promise you will not be disappointed. Sewing machine with feet capable of free motion, couching, and zig zag. Come and see what I make and frame for sale and gifts and donations to worthy causes.
  • View the supply list here
  • Visit Teresa's website​

March 15

  • Workshop “Thread Painted Landscapes--Spring” given by Nancy Prince. This workshop introduces you to a simple way of mastering the straight and zigzag stitch to thread paint simple designs. The process might seem complicated, but my step-by-step approach will assure you
    success right from the start. All aspects of each design are demoed via camera and projector so it is
    almost like having a private lesson with me. A preprinted design easily guides you through each step. So come see how easy the process is and how much fun creating designs in thread can be. 
  • View the supply list here and also on Nancy's website and on Brownstone IO group website. 

April 13

  • Speaker Merry May on creating a stunning table runner with no special templates, and a quilt-as-you-go technique. Did we mention there is also NO BINDING? AND it is Jelly Roll® friendly! 
  • Visit Merry's website

May 10

  • Speaker Lisa Shepherd with Our most popular workshop features our pre-cut quilt kit. By carefully arranging 2′′ squares so one color range flows gracefully into the next, you create an artistic, mosaic-style quilt. Design tips and ideas for other projects will be given. Kit includes 200 2′′ squares, one yard of pre-printed 2′′ fusible grid for easy assembly, and instructions.
  • View the supply list here
  • Visit Lisa's website

​​June 13

  • Our annual end-of-year buffet

Programs and Workshops

2018-2019 Season

​2018-2019 Season​​