Speaker and  Workshop: Michele Scott

MAY 10     
 Many quilters have ideas floating around in our head - quilts we would like to make. This lecture will help you to take your ideas from your head and put them on paper. Whether it's a new block design, small wallhanging, or full bed quilt, I will give you tips and tricks to creating your own designs - the do's and don'ts of designing and how to incorporate a certain fabric into your quilts. We will also discuss where to find color inspiration as well as how to break down the color and value process. I will introduce the concept of line and form in quilts. Lecture includes a show of my original designs, published and non- published - more than 50 quilts in all! 

Speaker:  Jannellea MacBeth

February 8, 2018

Jannellea may help us answer the question, "What do I do with all the small pieces of fabric I have accumulated?" Jannella has developed techniques to make these scraps into useable pieces and quilts. Below are a few beautiful quilts from scrapes she has made.​​

Speaker and Workshop:    Leni Wiener

April 12, 2018

Workshop:  Teresa Fusco

February 10, 2018

There was a lot of interest in Teresa's "No Sew Floor Mat".  She helped us make these indestructible items below which are made by gluing fabric to a 2' x 3' linoleum base.  Not having to lug our sewing machine to class was an added bonus for this workshop.

Meeting Highlights.

Guest Speakers and Workshop

Leni is a fabric collage artist who makes inspirational pieces of art from photographs. Her artwork has been included in many juried and invitational exhibitions across the US and around the world.