Yahoo Group Etiquette

There are some rules of etiquette for this group. If members get too frequent or annoying messages, the group loses its usefulness. Please adhere to the following rules:

1. The group is NOT meant to be a way to advertise or market products. A message about the NAME of a business is okay, but marketing your own business is not. 

2. If you want to reply to something that is posted, please do not hit "Reply" unless you want your response be sent to the entire group. If you want to reply to that person alone, enter her email address in the "To" line, and then click "Reply".

3.Jokes, "me too" posts and warnings are not permitted in this group.

4. Please be civil in your responses. 

STEP 1: Read all of these steps first

STEP 2: Click this link:

When you get to our page, click the purple button on the same line as "About This Group"- Join This Group

In the Sign Onto Yahoo window,

click the button at the bottom-Create A New Account


You will be required to use them every time you sign into the group.

All messages sent OUT to the group will come automatically to the email address you have given in Yahoo.

You will not be able to have access immediately as you need to be "accepted" into the group. W have a member who serves as a moderator. She will check to be sure you"re a guild member before granting you admission into the Yahoo Group. This normally takes a day or two. When you are approved, you will receive an email message welcoming  you to the group. 

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